“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” (Stephen Covey). Keeping the main thing the main thing is realized by small steps, but is truly no small thing. More often than less, NO is the right and best answer to many opportunities that seem interesting, promising and easy to achieve. But do those opportunities actually help? Do they work for your goal to keep the main thing the main thing?

2023 kept us busy, step by step, to focus our efforts and to improve our main thing. We are and remain a Swiss boutique development company with a unique identity based on tradition, quality, high standards, business value and customer success. Since 1999, we have built successful apps directly on the Salesforce platform. These applications are 100% native, solid, managed, highly reliable and secure solutions that leverage  Salesforce in areas like planning, forecasting and integration.

An important part of our main thing is determined by our App4API platform. The App4API platform bidirectionally connects  Salesforce to your favorite tools, systems and services. It performs a two-way syncing between Salesforce and a 3rd party system. Using Salesforce as a high volume endpoint, App4API works like native middleware, orchestrated by Salesforce flows based on integration events at its core. Furthermore, the App4API platform guarantees the highest security standards through fine-grained access control. App4API also provides full control over all data flows supported by full monitoring capabilities and history logs of all integration activities.

Learn more about two selected use cases Salesforce2Salesforce and Trello Salesforce No Code Integration.

Another important part of our main thing is taken up by our App4SOP solution, a real-time, fully automated Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP / S&OE) app. What’s more, App4SOP is 100% native with no 3rd party systems involved.

App4SOP streamlines your S&OP process by answering important questions in real-time, for example:

  • How many weeks of the latest demand forecast can you cover with the current product inventory and the planned production schedule?
  • Which components need to be ordered when based on the forecast of the finished products having these components in the BOM?
  • Which inventory positions will expire before they might be sold based on the latest demand forecast?
  • Do we have the right amount of finished products at all of our logistics hubs?
  • …..

Among other things, App4SOP helps customers to meet their needs and better predict sales and demand planning for production and raw material procurement. As a result, App4SOP helps to avoid supply constraints. Furthermore, customers are able to level their production, reduce waste and minimize expiring products. This consequently assists them to better address their sustainability goals. As such, the working capital need for inventory can significantly be reduced. 

Want to learn more about our App4SOP native solution? Get in contact with us.

And 2024? The year ahead will keep us busy to take the best and right steps to keep our main thing the main thing. We look forward to not only achieving our goals but assisting our customers to meet and exceed their own.  Pure Salesforce. Pure native. Pure Swiss high quality software development. Pure customer success. 

Season’s Greetings! And best wishes for the New Year.