Stripe makes it possible to easily process and manage recurring payments and subscriptions. However, though Stripe has some out-of-the-box integration solutions, they quickly become less effective when more complex requirements emerge. In the following article, we will show you why App4API is the best integration tool to perform a Salesforce Stripe integration.

App4API Is No-Code and Easy to Set Up

Instead of funneling valuable resources into development budgets, try App4API. First and foremost, our tool is no-code and easy to implement. With App4API, a Salesforce Admin can perform a Stripe Salesforce integration with simple configuration. What’s more, App4API is native on the Salesforce platform. After performing an integration, users are able to access information from Salesforce while working in Stripe or vice versa. 

App4API Performs a Bi-Directional Sync

App4API performs real-time, bi-directional synchronization between Stripe and Salesforce. Our application listens to Stripe webhooks in order to keep track of ongoing event changes. Then, App4API performs callouts to Stripe in order to update customer and subscription values as a reaction to the webhook updates and other conditions. This ensures that your integration is always accurate and up to date with the most recent, real-time customer data. 

UC Stripe App4API

At App4API, we are particularly interested in matters of security and strive to protect your organization from any threats. As a result, we record all ongoing interactions between Stripe and Salesforce in a transaction log. This way, there is complete transparency when monitoring your ongoing integration. A dedicated transaction log not only guarantees accurate record keeping but also preserves your org’s security.

Use Cases for Stripe Salesforce Integration 

Though several integration tools currently exist to connect Stripe and Salesforce, they do not cover more complex use cases. Our tool is for organizations who need something more than the out of the box solution. Below, we highlight several use case scenarios that show why App4API is the best Stripe Salesforce integration solution.

Stripe to Salesforce Integration: Proper VAT Handling

Stripe does not automatically add a VAT number to relevant invoices. As a result, users need to go into each invoice manually if a VAT number is necessary – a tedious task. With App4API, we automate the process of adding your company’s VAT number to invoices. This is done before the invoice becomes final, which automatically happens 1 hour after draft creation. By automating this basic yet necessary task, App4API streamlines business processes and makes invoice creation more efficient. 

Stripe to Salesforce Integration: Inhibit Automatic Subscription Billing

Stripe enables automatic billing for subscriptions. However, there are instances when we don’t want billing to happen automatically. For example, when adding a new customer, we first need to verify that the shipping and billing address is correct prior to charging the customer’s credit card. 

App4API performs callouts to Stripe right after the creation of a new subscription customer in Salesforce. These callouts inhibit the automatic billing so that nothing is charged. Now, we have enough time to wire everything in the Salesforce org and confirm the correct address. Once everything is ready, App4API performs an automatic callout driven by our flow which sets the flags back to automatic. At this point, Stripe sends the invoice and charges the credit card. The results then come back via webhook messages. 

App4API: Your Stripe Salesforce Integration Solution

While there are some out-of-the-box Stripe integration solutions on the AppExchange, these are best suited for simple use cases. If more complicated scenarios arise, this basic functionality falls short. At this point, we recommend App4API as the best tool for a complex Salesforce Stripe integration. Our tool is no-code, easy to use and secure.