Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated CRM platform that strengthens an organization through connectivity. Instead of disparate departments that create an abundance of siloed data, Salesforce Customer 360 makes it possible to see customer data in one place. Through integration with other applications, App4API has the potential to empower Customer 360 and reach more milestones when it comes to business efficiency.

Salesforce Customer 360 Data unlocks new insights 

Data is the key towards truly understanding your customers. However, it’s not just important to simply acquire customer data. Organizations need to efficiently integrate data from multiple systems and sources. Only after sharing and comparing data can companies find valuable data-driven insights. 

With customer insights, comes innovation. For example, trends show that today’s customers are seeking personalized experiences. Customers want companies to remember them and their personal tastes. However, it’s up to an organization to unlock the value of its data in order to build these custom experiences. 

Data silos threaten innovation

Data silos occur when data is isolated in separate departments or systems. When important data is kept separate, innovation is threatened. Organizations are less able to find key data insights. Furthermore, many organizations manage data by creating tedious custom code. Data is also often processed or stored in data warehouses and data lakes without real-time integration. 

Pieces of the puzzle are missing, and there is no way to see a clear picture of the data as a whole. What’s more, any attempt at data integration is done little by little rather than in real-time. This lag ultimately limits any attempt at efficiently integrating data. 

Personalization provides the ultimate customer experience

Personalization is the new keyword for the modern customer. Customers not only want to feel valued, they expect the customer experience to be seamless. Technology makes it possible to perform tasks incredibly quickly, and digital customers demand the same level of speed and efficiency.

However, personalization requires real-time interaction management. This is the process of using real-time data insights to provide personalized customer experiences. The crucial point here is real-time. For example, if a customer fills out a web form indicating interest in a new product, that data should be shared and analyzed as quickly as possible. The organization can then use this data to share similar products and other relevant information with each unique customer. 

Salesforce Customer 360 integration with App4API

Salesforce Customer 360 integration with App4API

App4API is your new integration solution: a platform that makes it simple to perform a no-code integration fast. In addition, App4API is a native Salesforce application that is built on the Salesforce platform. Furthermore, App4API performs two-way synchronization. As a result, data can be synchronized almost instantaneously across applications. The ease and efficiency of App4API has enormous potential when it comes to Salesforce Customer 360 integration.

App4API works as a connector between Salesforce and your favorite tools and services. By integrating Salesforce Customer 360 with relevant applications in real-time, your organization can access powerful data about customers. There is even the potential to bring together everything a customer does in a real-time feed. This could have an enormous impact on your organization’s customer service experience. By accessing relevant customer information instantaneously, representatives can quickly find information, answer questions and resolve cases.

Many organizations still utilize legacy systems filled with siloed data. It is essential that this important information is brought into the modern world. Luckily, App4API can even connect legacy systems to Salesforce Customer 360. As a result, invaluable data can be accessed, analyzed and utilized in one central location. 


Data integration is an integral step for modern organizations who want to better understand their customers. Furthermore, Salesforce Customer 360 creates a holistic customer view by bringing together varied customer data in one place. App4API bridges the gap and connects Salesforce Customer 360 with other tools, services and even legacy systems. With App4API, organizations have the ability to personalize the customer experience and improve service. 


  • Salesforce Customer 360 connects an organization
  • Data-driven insights spur positive transformation
  • Data silos threaten innovation 
  • Today’s customers want personalized experiences 
  • Real-time interaction management makes personalization possible
  • App4API is a connector between Salesforce Customer 360 and your favorite tools and services
  • App4API performs two-way synchronization in real-time
  • By connecting Salesforce Customer 360 with relevant applications, you can perform valuable real-time interaction management