We recently took a good look at the Postman 2022 State of the API Report. Their findings are incredibly relevant, particularly for Salesforce customers. Below, we highlight key sections from the report and we also go into detail about how this data supports the use of App4API, particularly for smaller companies with less budget available for development.

APIs Are Here to Stay  

The Postman 2022 State of the API Report shows significant global growth in the API ecosystem just over the past year. Companies worldwide are realizing that APIs are integral to modern business. By functioning as a messenger between unfamiliar systems, APIs make interconnectivity possible between multiple applications. This has myriad use possibilities for business efficiency, data sharing and overall business growth.

In the State of the API Report, the most popular APIs are notably with the Salesforce API (Salesforce Platform APIs). This reflects not only the popularity of the Salesforce Platform but the growth of integration opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce integration can improve the customer experience, increase productivity and lead to higher profits. In fact, integration between Salesforce and other applications is becoming more than just a possibility but rather, a necessity.

Most popular APIs on Postman

Most popular APIs on Postman

Coding not Configuration 

Though APIs are certainly here to stay, they do present some difficulties – particularly for smaller companies with less resources. First off, expert developers are needed to create and test APIs. Furthermore, the Postman 2022 State of the API Report finds that developers require a lot of time to create APIs. While the majority of that time is spent coding and programming, this is closely followed by time devoted to debugging and manual testing. 

Security is a common issue when considering API development. About 20% of respondents who took part in the State of the API Report said that API security was threatened at least once per month in their organization. These security incidents resulted in data loss, reduced service, abuse and even inappropriate access. Twenty percent is a significant amount of security incidents and particularly worrying for organizations with sensitive data.

Clearly, the creation of APIs is a complex, time-intensive process. But the State of the API Report also notes that a lack of design skills is another obstacle to producing APIs. Developing new APIs requires a level of expertise that can hinder smaller companies with smaller budgets for development. Not to worry – this is where App4API comes into the picture. 

App4API – Your No Code Integration Solution 

App4API offers all the benefits of an API integration solution without the hassle of creating and maintaining an API. With App4API, it’s possible to connect any application to Salesforce with minimal effort. Organizations can therefore eliminate the immense time and effort needed to develop, test and debug an API. As a result, you can save money and reduce development expenses. 

Furthermore, App4API is incredibly secure. App4API never asks for direct access to your organization’s data. Instead, App4API uses the integration event record as a gatekeeper and Administrators are also able to view a transaction log with all ongoing interactions between applications. 

App4API requires no code – just configuration. As a result, it is possible to eliminate the complications of hiring expert developers with specific API design skills. With App4API, administrators can quickly and easily set up an integration solution. In fact, your integration will be up and running in about 2 hours or less.


Based on Postman’s 2022 State of the API Report, we can surely see that APIs are here to stay. Yet, APIs pose challenges for organizations – particularly those with smaller development budgets. However, with App4API, organizations can quickly and easily complete a Salesforce integration. This negates the need for creating and maintaining an API and consequently frees up valuable resources. 

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