App4API is a No Code Salesforce integration tool to connect anything with the Salesforce API, get it now on Salesforce AppExchange!

Exciting news! We are pleased to introduce App4API – a native Salesforce integration app that connects Salesforce to your favorite tools and services.

We built App4API after noticing a real need for an accessible native integration solution. Our goal was to create a tool for administrators to quickly and easily perform a no code Salesforce integration. We are proud to say that with App4API, your integration will be up and running in just 2 hours (maybe less!).

Utilizing more than 15 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, we’ve considered every angle when it comes to integration. We can proudly say that App4API delivers–reducing time spent on pesky problems and freeing up valuable development resources.

So what makes App4API so special? App4API enables two-way, real-time integration, allowing administrators to perform seamless integration in Salesforce Flows with Integration Events. App4API is a native Salesforce application built on the Salesforce platform. Consequently, App4API does not require the creation or maintenance of custom code in order to perform an integration solution. 

We built App4API with security in mind. App4API restricts outside data to an absolute minimum. No 3rd party system is involved. What’s more, administrators are able to view a transaction log with all ongoing interactions between applications.

As you can see, App4API ticks off all the boxes. Our tool is not only extremely accessible and efficient but highly secure. Check out our website to learn more about App4API!

App4API on Salesforce AppExchange

App4API on Salesforce AppExchange